I’ve Got To Versus I Get To “From obligation and negativity to opportunity and joy with a switch of a word!

“The most important conversations you’ll ever have are the ones you’ll have with yourself. You wake up with them, you walk around with them, you go to bed with them, and eventually, you act on them. Whether they be good or bad”. – David Goggins

Even though words themselves only make up 7% of how we communicate, words have the power to create or to destroy based on the intention and energy they carry.

Your internal dialogue creates your outer world. Positive language nurtures understanding, self-awareness and compassion for self and others. Negative self-talk creates a self-constructed mental prison of negative beliefs, fed by fears which in turn creates the meaning you hold about yourself, life and your place in the world and therefore your reactions and responses. Basically, we are meaning and assumption making machines… we then project that (like poop) onto those around us… and the outcome? Well, you are living it… Is it working for you?

Up until the age of 4 children learn by hypnosis – the power of suggestion…

What we say to a young child shapes their beliefs and experiences, that child grows up and continues to talk to themselves and others the way they were spoken to in their formative years… and so we shape our world – for better or for worse.

The great news is no matter what age we are we have the power to change our world by changing the way we speak to ourselves and therefore to others. Raising your self-awareness and minor tweaks to your self-talk can change everything.

For today simply start by paying attention to that little voice inside that might be criticising and sabotaging you. What is that voice saying?

Are you feeling ‘hard done by’… put upon… resentful?

Often when looking at our lives we say to ourselves and others I’ve got to..

I’ve got to go to work today…

…go to the gym…

…put the presentation together…

…do the shopping…

…go see mum…

…to pick up the kids…

…do the housework

Really? Have you got to… or do you get to?

Got to = obligation         Get to = opportunity

Shifting from the focus of ‘I’ve got to’  over to ‘I get to’ can make a significant difference not only in what we do now but in the long run. Positive thinking will start pulling you towards the results you want.

Have you got to go to work today, or do you get to go to work so that you can pay your bills and create meaningful experiences with your family…

…inspire the next generation of adults…

…make a difference in the world…

…make a difference in YOUR world?

Switching ONE word can shift your mindset, which can change everything. You will feel more positive and will start being pulled towards where you want to be. Fall in love with the process of what you are doing, not merely the results.

Change your words and change your life.

When you feel resistant and life isn’t going as you planned, just have a quick check-in:

Am I running on got to, or get to?

Mindset Moments guest is Di Downie author of “A High Heels Paradox” and one of the amazing people who started me on my road to personal freedom, fulfilment and joy. I know today that I could not have done it alone!

Mantra for the week: “I speak kindly to myself”

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