Powerfully YOU

It's like six coaching sessions in one!


Know what makes you tick and increase your energy, motivation, influence and impact on those around you in all a couple of hours

Ever wondered why you make an instant connection with some people and others just drive you nuts?

You may even be leading or working in a team that is just not working..

If you understand what makes you tick, what is driving you, your stressors and motivators, what activities gives you energy and drains it and how people perceive you then you have a blueprint to YOU.

Be who you wish

Personal mastery is truly knowing yourself and operating in your genius zone. This is the foundation of success in any area of your life. Start your journey today

What does all of this knowledge give you? The ability to:

  • Leverage your strengths in every area of your life
  • Manage your emotions and influence those around you
  • Invest in the correct personal development activities
  • Increase your understanding and influence through communicating in the language of your client, colleague – effortlessly
  • Create cohesive teams in any area of your life: home, work, volunteer
  • See fast improvements



  • What your Core Needs are that drive you on a daily basis (then learn how to meet them easily)
  • What being Big Picture or Details orientated actually means for you, your energy levels and interactions with others
  • Your preferred learning and language style (Visual Kinaesthetic, Audio Digital, Audio) and that of the people around you to excel to increase your influence and impact exponentially!

and so much more…

Book your Powerfully YOU discovery call online to start your journey and reap the benefits of understanding your energy style and the styles of those around you

What you can expect

  • 30-minute pre-profile interview with Francinne
  • Access to your Online Profile Quiz (It only takes 7 minutes!)
  • 90 minute debrief to unpack your report
  • A 20+ page report of your in-depth Profile emailed to you
  • Audio downloads express overview of personality types
  • Resources and weekly insights/ behaviour boosters to use immediately  

Powerfully YOU  is a core unit of the Mastering the Art of Personal Success program

Service Features

Current Reality - Vision

Gain clarity on where you want to be and what is currently blocking you in a 30 minute session.

eDISC profile

Questionnaire takes 7-10 minutes online and looks at natural behaviours – there is no right or wrong and it is impossible to ‘trick’. eDISC differentiates between over 160 unique behavioural styles, you will see ‘who you are’ in black and white.

Blueprint to you

2 hr coaching session will provide you with an understanding and a game-plan to leverage your strengths, understand others and get out of your own way to achieve your goals.

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