Harness your Energy and Focus to Achieve Your Goals With Ease and Grace

Harness your Energy and Focus to Achieve Your Goals With Ease and Grace

The new year has arrived, and February is coming to a close all too quickly. Unfortunately, with the settling in of the year comes the downfall of many people’s well-intended goals. We start off with grand intentions, yet before we know it, life has once again got in the way and our dreams are held back by our perceived reality.

This does not have to be the case!

You made a promise to yourself, and just because you have hit a few roadblocks doesn’t mean you have to abandon your good intentions altogether. Life can get in the way and you may feel like you are just running, stuck in busy, an example of the old saying ‘insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result’. You may be wondering how to find your motivation and why you feel so wrecked all the time – but I urge you not to give up.

Treat your life like your business

Getting a different result from your efforts comes down to where you are finding your energy and where you are giving it. With good energy management comes focus and the ability to effectively harness your time and productivity without descending into burnout. Uncovering where your energy and focus is being used is a little like doing an audit or yearly business review. If a business is not hitting KPIs, for example, they may put in place new procedures, protocols or even staff to get the results they need.

Your personal life is no different! Most people tend to focus externally to make sure everyone else is ok, especially as we reach ages 50-60 and take responsibility for a brood of kids and grandkids as well as working and keeping a household running. However, isn’t it time to turn your attention inwards and make sure you are kicking your own goals too?

As a Personal Mastery Coach, I see many clients wanting to fit more into their lives, but this mindset only leads to greater overwhelm and confusion as their energy and focus are stretched too thin. As a significant part of my coaching for success techniques, I encourage my clients to understand one key point: our life is determined by the quality of our time, not the quantity. 

Gain time

Gaining more of what we perceive as ‘time’ is about doing what is important to you – making that time count instead of letting it slip by as you undertake task after task that does nothing to fulfil you or your goals. So, while everyone is looking for more time, what we really should be looking for is meaningful experiences and enjoying the time we’ve got.

To help you prioritise your time and make moments for things that truly matter to you, I have put together my five tips to harness your energy and focus. This process will ensure you are being pulled towards your goals, and are not constantly pushing for something that doesn’t align with your value system or long-term vision. 

By the end of the five steps, you will have decluttered your mind and come away with a clear understanding of who you are, what you want and how to nail that new year’s resolution once and for all!

Step 1: Priorities vs values

The first thing to do is to ensure your priorities match your values through some self-reflection. Try this effective coaching strategy; without overthinking, write down what your top five priorities are. These could include your family, your children, your work, your friends, earning money, or something completely different such as travel.

Next, think about how those priorities are showing up in your world. Where are you putting your energy? If your top priority is your children, yet you’re spending much time at work, there’s a significant conflict of values going on. In reality, the priority that is showing up in your life is, in fact, work. Getting really clear on what your priorities are and how you’re spending your time brings about a clarity and awareness that will help you move forward to where you want to be, rather than stuck in the same cycle.

Step 2: Daily check-ins

One of the easiest yet most effective changes I encourage for my life coaching clients is to leave their phone alone first thing in the morning and instead go through a quick daily check-in. In a world of constant ‘busy’, it is easy to fall into the trap of beginning your day before you have even left your bed. Picking up your phone and scrolling through social media first thing in the morning may seem harmless, but what you are doing is letting people into your space before you have had time to take stock of the day ahead and catch a few minutes to prepare your body and mind. 

Instead, ask yourself, ‘what’s going on for me today?’ and run through your mind who you want to be to make your goals a reality. Take a few minutes to connect with yourself and take stock of what is going on in your mind and body; are you feeling re-energised from a good night’s sleep? Stressed about a big meeting or project coming up? Anxious about your commute? Tired from staying up too late? Excited about an outing, or grateful for your family for which you care?

To really get to know who you are at any given moment is a real gift, because it prevents you from reacting unnecessarily when people come into your sphere who may accidentally push your buttons. It helps you flush away the clutter and carve out the space to make time for what is important, rather than being swept up in other people’s issues or non-important chatter that clogs our virtual news feed. Make it your priority to get back your energy and focus – starting the moment your alarm clock sounds.

Step 3: Discover the real you

The next thing to do is really get to know yourself, to discover THE REAL YOU. Think about what are your motivators? What are your stressors and your stress relievers? What do you want to do moving forward? How do you want things to be different?

As you delve into your own mind and begin unravelling who you are and who you want to be, start to pull out your strengths and perceived weaknesses. The ability to become aware of your inner workings, to see yourself in black and white, is a real gift that will give you a solid foundation to move forward. Rather than looking at who you think you ‘ought to be’ and ‘should be’, it’s about taking 100 per cent responsibility for knowing and accepting who you are and what you can bring to the world around you. 

It is your unique talents and skills that are going to serve you the best when it comes to deciding where to focus your energy, rather than trying to ‘fix’ your perceived weaknesses. By expending your time and energy putting out fires rather than flourishing productively, you will end up burnt out, tired and constantly feeling like that hamster on the wheel. 

Rather than looking at what you ‘can’t do’, are ‘not good at’, is ‘not your thing’, instead look at what you can do and where your passion is – this is what will take you forward.

Step 4: Out with the old, in with the new

Now that you have discovered who you are and what you can offer the world, it is a lovely thought to simply move forward with your prosperity mindset and push aside your perceived pitfalls. However, we all know this is not that easy. Discarding the ideas and traits that no longer serve you is the next step – and a very powerful one.

We’ve all got our ‘roadblocks to success’ that allow us to sabotage ourselves in some way. Due to a complex set of circumstances and evolutionary conditioning, as human beings we are very good at setting up rules to keep ourselves safe. Your rules will tell you that you can’t do something this because it’s dangerous, or because someone once told you that you can’t.

So, every time you set these fabulous goals and strategies because you want to move ahead and run with an idea, you’re tripping at the starting block. Those limiting beliefs, the influences of parents and other people you have met throughout your life, they are no longer serving you. Shake off the shackles of past worry and expectation and discard the meaning attributed to the oft well-meaning negative comments that now haunt you.

Once you have cleared the clutter, you can start building some great foundations and find the gold that is going to take you to where you want to be.

Step 5: Leveraging your strengths

After you have taken a step back and reviewed your values, given yourself time and space, discovered who you truly are at your core and what you want, then discarded thoughts and ideologies that no longer serve you, it’s time to reevaluate your goals. You are now in a much better place to decide if your goals are really what you want and how you can tweak them to better reflect the real you.

From here, you can embark on the critical final step to channelling your energy and focus and finding more time for the things you love; it is time to start leveraging your strengths. This, in turn, will allow you to leverage your focus, your priorities and your clarity to pull you towards where you want to be, rather than facing the incessant push to the top.

Rather than being a human ‘doing’ and constantly pushing towards your destination, be pulled to where you want to be and enjoy the journey as a human ‘being’. At the end of the day, the destination – the goal – will either be there or it won’t. However, who you become on your journey and the meaning you put to your time means the quality of your life along the way will be much greater.


Are you a Goal-getter, a Goal-chaser or a Goal-ditcher?

Are you a Goal-getter, a Goal-chaser or a Goal-ditcher?


It is a common human desire to want to Have it All, Do it all and Be it all– the perfect family, work and personal lives. You may look around (especially on Facebook) and see others ‘achieving’ so you know it is possible and it is with the right tools and support. However, too often you find yourself mentally running around in circles buried under a pile of mini goals that lack clarity and purpose and not getting where you want to be.

Lets look at how people approach their lives from different perspectives using the phrase HAVE DO BE or is it DO HAVE BE… hmmmm….. BE DO HAVE?

These three little words are very powerful and depending on the order, they create three very different outcomes.

HAVE DO BE: The goal-ditchers

As a goal-ditcher, you start with the HAVE. You are the one who is adept at setting goals, but just as adept at forgetting them. With limited motivation to achieve and lacking self-belief, you are notorious for abandoning New Year’s resolutions before the end of January! Goal-ditchers, don’t understand and aren’t connected to their ‘why’, so fall into the sequence HAVE, then DO, then (hope to) BE. The perception is that (for example) once you have enough money, you will be able to do what you want and then be happy. Perhaps you think that if there was only enough time, then you would be able to do more and success would follow. What ultimately ends up happening is burn-out, forever chasing a rainbow but never finding your pot of success and happiness at the end as the reliance is on external factors to make you happy.

DO HAVE BE: The goal-chasers

This type of person starts with the DO and is most common amongst entrepreneur and business people; the classic ‘work harder not smarter’. As a goal-chaser, it is easy to become so stuck in busy-mode that you have lost a clear perception of your way forward. For goal-chasers, the pattern is DO, then HAVE, then BE. You tire yourself out with the DO in the belief that you will then HAVE more and then BE happier and more successful. In same way as the goal-ditchers, ultimately you end up exhausted, never truly achieving the desired results and not able to live your life authentically and freely. The real hamster on the wheel, goal-chasers are forever running around in circles but not getting any or as much traction as you would like.

BE DO HAVE: The goal-getter

Stop for a minute and mull over this – how can you DO anything with authenticity and success if you aren’t behaving and thinking in a way that supports that action?

Guaranteed, your game-changing question when striving for effective goal-setting is not ‘what do I need to DO’, but ‘who do I need to BE’. Change your mindset, change your perception, and you will be amazed at what happens.

The goal-getter is the one who looks at their goals as the end point for which to work towards, without expectation. If you are a goal-getter, you have an accurate perception of your real-world ‘why’ and this drives you in the right direction. As a goal-getter, you ask yourself ‘what kind of person achieves the goals I have set?’ and aren’t afraid of the truth nor hard work. You have a high level of self-belief and strive to first BE who you need to be, before attempting to DO. The HAVE just follows smoothly and naturally, without stress and worry. This is the blueprint for a life that truly flows, but sadly it is the least commonly adopted way we humans like to operate.

Perhaps you are addicted to the struggle?

So, how do I discover who I need to BE?

First and foremost is finding your ‘why.’ Knowing your inner, authentic reasons for wanting to achieve your goal is paramount to successful goal-getting and ultimately smashing them out of the water. If you don’t know your why, keep asking yourself that same question until you come to a reason that sits well with you – you will know it when you arrive there. Practice self-belief, you have the power to transform your world right now.

Specific goals work best for a solid understanding of where and how you are heading in your personal upward trajectory. Don’t set vague goals like ‘increase profit’, make it real by using quantitative measures, such as ‘increase profit by five per cent this month’. In your personal life, instead of ‘lose weight’, you want to ‘lose two kilos in two weeks’. These need to be YOUR goals, created from your personal ‘why’. Trying to achieve a goal you are not 100 per cent passionate about is doomed to fail.

Once you are crystal clear about what you want to achieve and have a solid, attainable perception on your future, you can put strategies in place to get there.

Now ask yourself, what sort of person achieves this goal?

What sort of business owner increases profit? The one who undertakes additional staff training, has an open mind to new partnerships or marketing opportunities, is willing to expand their product catalogue or take time to nurture client relationships.

What sort of person loses weight? One who exercises self-control around food, who is committed to getting out the door and going for a walk each day, the one who finds ways to stay accountable and doesn’t make excuses.

If you are just wanting to do goal-setting there are numerous great self-help books and YouTube clips on goal-setting to access which will serve you well.

If you are looking to be a goal-getter then once you change your mindset to start with BE, then DO and HAVE, you will start to see a lasting change for the better in every aspect of your life.

As for the goal-ditcher?    Well they stopped reading three paragraphs ago…




7 Steps to Personal Mastery

7 Steps to Personal Mastery

Personal mastery may sound like something only achieved by Jedi or the highly-trained elite, but it is something we all WANT and it is not out of reach.

“…the height of a man’s success is gauged by his self-mastery; the depth of his failure by his self-abandonment.”  ― Leonardo da Vinci

Personal mastery is living in a state where you are guided by principles such as purpose, vision and values. You truly know yourself – your authentic self – and aren’t afraid to let it shine. You intimately know your own strengths, motivators, stressors, core needs and energy. Life is viewed differently and, as a result, you are open to the numerous positive opportunities presented each day.

Personal mastery is to be successful in every aspect of life. It is where you are energised and motivated towards reaching your goals. You operate with an open mind, reacting positively to the world around you. 

With personal mastery, you can Have Be Do it all!

According to Master Yoda; “Many of the truths that we cling to depend on our point of view.” So, use the Force you have within!

Truly knowing, accepting ourselves and operating in our genius zone.

How do you achieve personal mastery?

Through life coaching, you have the tools and insights to quickly and effectively smash through your success blockers, create good habits, boost your performance, step out of your comfort zone and foster exceptional results in your career and personal life. Your coach is your guide to whom you are temporarily accountable and challenges your everyday performance for the better. With your coach by your side, you strive to reach the pinnacle of success. Through personal mastery, you become the best version of yourself.

“Get out of your own way to be who you wish, rather than wishing who you might be.” Francinne O’Rourke

What does a life coach do?

When you are with your coach, you are in a safe space where you can ‘be’. Your coach will work with you on strategies for self-acceptance, overcoming fear and building resilience. They offer unique insights and a different perspective to guide you towards your goals and continued personal growth. With your coach, you have the time and space to take stock of where your life is headed and, as a result, plan to successfully move your life in the right direction. Onwards and upwards to complete personal mastery!

Transform from the person you are, to the person you need to be.

Effective coaching gives you clarity and momentum for mindset change, as well as space to examine where you sit between your vision and reality. This is where you take the steps to move from the person you are, to the person you need to be to achieve your goals. 

Let’s look at an example of how changing your mindset propels you towards a goal.

You want to be fit and healthy (who doesn’t?!). Hence, your goal for the arrival of summer is to look and feel amazing for all those long afternoons at the beach. To become that person you WANT to be, who do you NEED to be? Move away from being the person buying takeaway three nights a week, making excuses for not exercising and not getting enough quality rest to function at full capacity. Instead, become the person who has a healthy handle on self-worth, has respect for their body and makes the right choices. Be the person who eats well, finds time to exercise and is disciplined enough to shut off the lights at a reasonable hour.

Once you are that person, you will be on the path to your goal – achieving your rocking summer body! Similarly, for success in every aspect of your life; become the person you need to be and results will follow. 

If you have been doing it your way but failing to get results, will-power and sheer force can only get you so far. It may be time to get outside help.

What are the advantages of coaching?

A coach is trained to bring out the best in you. They have the knowledge, insights and tools on board to quickly and seamlessly guide your personal growth and transform your life.

Life coaching offers you the following advantages:

  • Fast-tracked results
  • Time and tools to map your life and create a path forward
  • Guidance to determine and then smash your success blockers
  • Accountability
  • Skills to turn life’s challenges and changes into opportunities
  • Help in identifying internal and external roadblocks and how to get rid of them
  • Insights to gain clarity about what you really want in life and become serious about achieving it
  • Helping you create momentum for faster and easier goal achievement

With the guidance of a life coach you become crystal clear on your goals and priorities. You are better able to leverage your strengths and become pulled towards your goals. No longer will you suffer exhaustion from constantly pushing and flogging yourself for your perceived weaknesses. 

If you’re ready for massive personal growth and would like to work with me through individual coaching, book in for a Free Blockage Breakthrough Session to discuss what’s possible for you.

7 Steps to Personal Mastery



There are seven core components of personal mastery. Each is a vital stage in the process towards becoming the best version of yourself, therefore harnessing your ability to Have Be Do it all.

Let’s look at each of these, one by one.


Few people have a real sense of personal vision; it is often nebulous (like a cloud) in the back of their mind. A personal vision is powerful and provides you with the energy, focus, clarity and motivation to change. It’s like a point on the horizon to guide you and keep you on track, giving you a purpose-driven life. Without it, you may wander around aimlessly, unfocused, attracted by the next ‘shiny coin’. The days turn into weeks and years with minimal fulfilling achievement.

“A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.” ― Brian Tracy


Purpose fuels your passion, it gives you energy and keeps you going when times are tough. You want to find meaning in life because you want to make a difference.  Being clear on your unique talents, gifts, strengths and ‘why’ you do what you do pulls you forward in life and ignites the Law of Attraction.


Realise your personal purpose and vision and live your values through uncovering, discovering and discarding limiting beliefs. Say goodbye to your old rule book for life that has been blocking you from moving forward. Be clear on values you consciously choose to hold (which you can change if they no longer fit). Redesigning the rules around how you achieve your goals is paramount to a fulfilling life lived with integrity and authenticity.


When your vision, purpose, values and behaviours are congruent with each other and in alignment, life just flows and you are energised, motivated – ON FIRE.

If you are out of alignment, you will find yourself pursuing courses of action that create inner conflict. This often works against your potential or strengths, therefore leading you to throwing more of yourself at any situation. You may develop a fear of failure and adopt behaviours that do not serve you. Overwhelm sets in as the minutiae of life takes over and your ’holics’ may come out to play (workaholic, stressaholic, chocoholic, Netflixaholic etc…)


Perception is your reality, so learning to perceive yourself accurately is vital to mastering yourself. We all have our own ‘map of the world’, the frames of reference we use and our ‘lens’ through which we see other people, events and situations. Our way of seeing impacts our way of being. This links to personal awareness, and as a result it is your self-identity and self-concept that is the source of your self-esteem.

“Is how I see myself and what I stand for the same as others see me?” Peter Senge, author of the book The Fifth Discipline Field-book


Truly knowing yourself – what makes you tick, your wants, drives, needs, desires, preferences, energy givers and energy stealers – is a very powerful tool in your personal mastery bag of tricks. Self-awareness is the ability to be an observer of self, without judgment. What are you really like; what are your patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

The things we’re not aware of often control us. So, take stock and discover which buttons are being pressed when interacting with others and the resulting patterns that drive you.

With this awareness and ensuing emotional intelligence, you can leverage your strengths. Take the opportunity to develop good habits that will positively shape your thoughts, actions and approach to challenging situations.


Finally, there is transformation. This is the creative capacity we all have to re-shape, re-new or re-invent ourselves to be more in harmony with our personal vision, values and purpose.

You have created your current reality, the good news is you also have the power to recreate it. Your thoughts, actions and beliefs now support this ‘season’ of your life and the renewed goals moving you forward in your personal growth journey.

Transformation happens when you consciously develop the tools and self-awareness to support you in bridging the unavoidable gaps between your vision and present reality.

If you’re ready for massive personal growth and would like to work with me through individual coaching, book in for a Free Blockage Breakthrough Session to discuss what’s possible for you.

As Master Yoda says…Do or do not, there is not try”


Changing your mindset through positive coaching

Changing your mindset through positive coaching

 Changing your mindset through positive coaching

Do you feel your life constantly runs at the mercy of others? Time and time again, something happens to you that impacts your ability to shine and be that awesome person you know you are inside?

Do you feel you are living at the effect of other people’s agendas and events, and that life is impacting on you rather than you on it? You are running late again – is it because the bus wasn’t on time, the car wouldn’t start, the kids were acting up or that tradie you needed was overdue? By the time you get to your destination you are distracted, flustered, annoyed and embarrassed.

It wasn’t YOUR FAULT!

Maybe you are finding your relationships are strained; your mother-in-law insists on giving the kids junk food when you have politely asked her not to; your work colleague is skiving off again; the house is a mess and it comes back on you to sort it out. You have become resentful, angry, exhausted and it takes a mammoth effort to control your temper at these people around you.

This is perfectly normal!

Above & Below the line

Let me introduce you to the concept of ‘above and below the line’. Every day, we all encounter situations where we can choose to react either side of this imaginary (yet very powerful!) line. Sometimes we will take the high road, other times our base instinct will kick in and we will stumble. It is human nature, but it is important to understand why we think like this to foster successful habits, build on your prosperity mindset and live a more fulfilling life.

Our brains are hardwired from the dawn of creation to switch into fight or flight mode whenever there is a perceived threat, however these days we do not often find ourselves being chased by a wild animal, but what comes under threat is our ego or personal identity from outside influences. Our limbic brains can’t tell the difference – we react and get defensive just as we would if we were about to become lunch for a sabre tooth tiger!

This reactive thinking is known as ‘below the line’. It is survival mode.

Unfortunately, this state shuts you off from your more creative, collaborative, innovative and generous being. Below the line is where you encounter that sense of drama, nothing is ever good enough and you feel disheartened and disempowered. All you want to do here is run, shut down any creative processing, and protect yourself.  Below the line, beliefs driving your reactions will be centred around your story being ‘right’ and dismissing others, or the feeling that someone or something is threatening your desire for approval, control or security. In this state, you will deny you have any control over your circumstances (even though your intuitive in-built BS detector will be off the radar!).

When you are operating below the line, you may be feeling overwhelmed, seeing only problems and find yourself making statements such as ‘it’s not my fault’, or ‘I can’t’, ‘I’m trying’ and ‘they made me’. Rationally speaking, if everything ‘out there’ is the problem then you truly are in trouble – thank goodness this is only a state of mind and can easily be changed.

The Power of Positive Coaching

This is where positive coaching can help you. Instead of living in the world of blame, excuses and denial, what if you were to stop, take a breath and switch to ‘above the line’ thinking? The choice is yours. Here lies the realm of innovation, possibility, creativity, acceptance, growth, learning, generosity and action. The only difference to our friend running from the virtual sabre tooth? Attitude! When you are operating above the line, you take 100 per cent responsibility for your attitude and behaviour.

You choose to make lemonade when handed a lemon and that glass is certainly half full.

For example, a work colleague makes a comment about your dress. On that particular day, your reaction sprouted up from below the line. You became defensive, angry and reactive – snapping at them for something rather banal. Any other day, you may have been able to laugh it off and think ‘so what if they don’t like it! I love my dress!’


What has changed?

Simply your attitude, driven by how you feel. Events happen around us constantly, but the meaning we put to them and how we respond makes these events either positive or negative – and that is where you have a choice. With a little mental coaching, it is easy to switch your thinking and change your mindset.

That said, don’t beat yourself up if you find your thoughts slipping below the line – we are all human.  You can choose to permit yourself to go below the line for a moment and indulge in that juicy gossip or feel that frustration and blame bubbling up, everyone does it! The key is to recognise that when you go below the line nothing will get done – there are no solutions below the line.


Pull yourself back up and find a brighter, more creative and more compassionate way of looking at the situation.


So, the key to a successful life is to ask yourself  ‘Am I operating above the line today?’

To living life – by design


PS: Does this resonate with you?

Are you a high-achieving professional woman who needs some guidance bringing your thinking back above the line? If this is you, and you are ready for personal growth and to start enjoying your life again.  Book in for a FREE Blockage Breakthrough Session to discuss what’s possible for you.


5 Reasons to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

5 Reasons to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Oh comfort zone – how we love thee. With life getting busier by the day – work, kids, partners, maybe trying to get to the gym, more work – we tend to opt to stay where we feel safe. Our own personal comfort zone is where we physically and psychologically want to be. It is where we believe there is less anxiety and stress, it’s the emotionally-neutral zone. After all, life throws enough curved balls at us on a daily basis. Why would we want to deliberately rock the boat?


‘In the long run our comfort zone becomes our uncomfortable zone.’ Charles F Glassman

Too often we are merely operating on automatic pilot, and this is no fun at all! We stay in that job we aren’t 100 per cent happy with, or maintain a toxic relationship or friendship, or go through same boring routines every day without batting an eyelid. We do this because, quite frankly, the effort of making change seems far greater than venturing into the unknown.

Fear is a consistent driving force here. Whether you are scared of failing, or getting hurt, or hurting someone else – you stay stuck. The sad reality is that not stepping out of the comfort ultimately ends in you becoming quite uncomfortable. There are things you yearn to do and a person inside you want to be, but you end up settling.

I have some good news for you – it doesn’t have to be this way.

‘As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.’ Robin Sharma

Humans are designed to evolve, grow, have experiences and transition. You can see that clearly when looking at babies turning into children. It is when we become adults that fear and comfort zones become a reality and potentially our self-imposed jails. You are not able to live the authentic, bold, free life you deserve.

For you, perhaps stress is a factor that keeps you in your comfort zone (it is easier to stay put), but remember that stress is not necessarily a bad thing. Healthy stress is merely friction and can be quite energising. When dealing with frequent stress, use that as energy and impetus to break old habits and make a change.

‘To the degree we’re not living our dreams, our comfort zone has more control of us that we have over ourselves.’ Peter McWilliams

It is time to break free from your comfort zone, change your mindset and start living your life the way you want to. Put the colour back in your world and try something new!

Here are five great reasons to take a chance and step out of your comfort zone.

1. Self-confidence

That elusive self-confidence you are seeking is right there, just on the other side of your comfort zone boundary. It takes a little courage to step outside, but trust me, you will survive and thrive. You will have more momentum, more drive and more energy to keep pushing your own personal boundaries.

Remember the last time you did something that was a bit scary? Remember the exhilaration you felt when you completed it? When I ran the first webinar for my coaching and mentoring program, the fear and anticipation before I turned the camera on was palpable. Afterwards however, the exhilaration and pride of having tried something new and the increased confidence to take it further was incredible! This gave me a real boost and the self-confidence I needed to trust my ability in achieving my goals. You have the power to feel the same.

2. Challenging yourself for improved performance

Ever heard the term rise to the occasion? That is what happens when you raise the bar and step outside your comfort zone. You become more alert and focused, the adrenaline is pumping and you are alive and energised. You have fuelled your fire and learned how to be enthusiastic again! Stop sleep-walking through life, instead move your fear aside and see what other opportunities are out there.

3. Expand your comfort zone and see new opportunities.

Rest assured, the more you push your boundaries, the easier it becomes. Eventually you will be cultivating one of the sought after ‘big five’ personality traits – openness to new experiences. You will be slowly removing your blinkers and a whole new world will open up. You may be surprised by the opportunities awaiting you!

4. Develop resilience

Failure isn’t final – it is only feedback!  If you have stepped up and taken action, no matter the outcome, you have still done something and had a new experience. You will always be gifted with learning, growth and feedback for next time, so don’t give up. Every time you are brave enough to step outside your comfort zone, you are building resilience that will buoy you in working up the courage to try again. Entrepreneurs are very blessed if their first venture takes off, sometimes it is 1000th time, just ask Colonel Sanders!

5. Age better

As people age, their have-new-experiences-muscles get flabby and their comfort zone decreases if not frequently stretched. Those who continue to challenge themselves will enjoy a better sense of well-being as the years go by, and may may even reduce their chance of developing certain conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Experiencing new things helps grow neural pathways, even into older age. This means we function better, think better and communicate better – all while enjoying the life we have created!

‘By the age of 60 a person has swapped the broadness of their mind and the narrowness of their waist.’ Anon

Moving out of your comfort zone does not have to be a huge undertaking – baby steps are fine. One of my favourite sayings is How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!’

So, give yourself permission to be the person you want to be and do the things you want to do. Outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens! You can live freely, create new paths for yourself and move forward in your life with confidence, resilience and opportunities aplenty.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Feel free to share it with like-minded friends and family – sometimes we all need a little reminder to get off that hamster wheel every now and then. As a trained life coach as well as someone who knows first-hand how hard it can be to have-be-do it all, I can help you break through your blockages and live a more free, balanced life by design.

Try answering these 5 questions to understand your own comfort zone and let us know your insights in the comments box – we would love to hear from you.

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