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Becoming the Women of your Dreams

(Guided Meditation)

This 20-minute visualisation will guide you through a gentle journey from your childhood dreams to meeting your future self and experience moments of the life you desire to create and who you want to be.

This visualisation will calm the mind help you clarify your:

  • core value and priorities
  • key characteristics of being authentically YOU
  • strengths and dreams
  • intuition and innate energy
  • ability to acceptance ‘self’
  • motivators to move you forward

Celebrate & Review 2020

If you’re anything like most women or entrepreneurs in business, there may have been many times last year, you  wanted to ‘hang up on 2020’… call it a day and consider it a complete waste…

Here’s a quick way to review and uncover the lessons, the breakthroughs and the opportunities 2020 gave you – to extract the gold to take into 2021…

🔥 10 min Masterclass: to realise the power of celebration and how to include it effortlessly into your daily routine

🔥 Meditation: to set your focus and engage your subconscious to ignite your motivation

🔥 Celebrate & Review Worksheet:
‘fill as you go companion’ so that you can ignite your motivation and start being pulled towards where you want to be in 2021


Surprise yourself…  you may have done better than you thought!  

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