Can’t everyone do that?

Next week I will be attending my child’s school quiz night – the theme High School…

Two things are going on in my brain. Firstly, the quiz part… what I lack in style I make up for in enthusiasm and confidence… Just take my answers with a pinch of salt (Cosmo has a lot to answer for ?). Ahh yes, I never fail to amuse myself with that one ?.

The other… I get to make a costume and dress up…(tapping into my childlike play state)

? So much FUN! ?

From concept to execution making costumes is one outlet for my Genius Zone – creative problem-solving.

Your Genius Zone is the perfect intersection of your natural abilities, passion and energy.
It feels effortless to you – it is your unique power – and is often difficult to distinguish in yourself as unique or special because it comes so naturally and you say quizzically “Can’t everyone do that?”

You know you’re in your zone of genius when the work leaves you energised and you experience ‘flow’ – a sense of timelessness.

In the book Big Leap by Gay Hendricks he outlines that we generally sit in one of four zones:

  • Zone of Incompetence: You are not skilled in this area – and perhaps are learning – it may be quite a struggle.
  • Zone of Competence: You are efficient and hopefully effective at this – it may be something that you are OK at, just like everyone else. It may take your energy (rather than give energy) and it may be a necessity rather than fulfilling.
  • Zone of Excellence: Skill and mastery is gained through combining talent, skills and effort – these are your learned abilities. Angela Duckworth in her book Grit  The Power of Passion & Perseverance talks about honing your natural skill set.
  • Zone of Genius: Where your natural abilities, passion, inspiration and ‘flow’ combine to create unique outcomes… seemingly effortlessly.

To find your Genius Zone –  simply ask yourself:

  • What work do I do that doesn’t seem like work?
  • What comes really easily to me – my unique ability?
  • What work would I do even without any incentives (pay or praise)?
  • What work produces exciting and energising ideas and solutions without effort?
Mantra for the week from Gay Hendricks:

I expand in abundance, creativity, success, and love every day as I inspire those around me to do the same

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