What is Life Coaching?

and what is Personal Mastery?

Who uses life coaches?

Anyone! Mentally healthy men and women, of all ages and walks of life, who want to take action and accomplish something specific, or would like to incorporate a dramatic change in their behaviour, mindset or emotional wellbeing.

What is life coaching? 

Life coaching is designed to assist clients to achieve their aspirations. It facilitates the creation of exceptional results in their personal lives, careers or organisations through identifying and helping smash their success blockers (fears, limiting beliefs, mindset, focus).

It gives clients the tools to refine their learning methods, boost their performance and increase the quality of their lives – quickly.

Coaches believe their clients are already perfectly equipped to deal with situations that arise and that the answers are inside them..

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What is the difference between a coach, a therapist and a mentor?

Life coaches, therapists and mentors may help clients with similar problems, but the focus is not the same.

Life coaching, or personal mastery coaching, focuses on the notion of ‘transformation’. The client must be ready for change and be on the way to moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, from where they will become the person they need to be – the best version of themselves – to achieve their goals and life a happy, fulfilling life.
Coach Therapist Mentor
 A relatively holistic approach Clients may already be fulfilled and successful but seeking to reach their full potentiation Focus is on the present to improve the client’s future Patient has experienced an incident, condition of trauma Past-focused; examine the past to find a solution for present issues Focus on specific job, task or process ‘This is how I did it’ Mentors are experts in a particular area

What does a life coach do?

Coaching enables clients to identify and examine their personal life map and recognise how they are a complex collection of beliefs, values, experiences and outside influences. This map is a very useful tool in aiding a client towards becoming their authentic self and building emotional intelligence. It can also highlight where the client may be trapped in a cycle of fear and self-doubt, and where their comfort zone lies.

Individual coaching is personalised and directed by the client, who self-determines their goals and changes they wish to make. The client is in charge of their ensuing actions and subsequent rate of change.

A coach does not tell the client what to do and does not direct the client’s development, but instead offers a unique perspective, based on experience and training. A life coach can offer an objective, reflective and insightful voice that might be useful to the client when examining their life map.

A life coach is a guide, an accountability partner, a trusted comrade who walks beside the client on their path to personal mastery and wants (and expects) the best from them. Effective coaching will challenge a client to move beyond their comfort zone and perform at their best.

A life coach will not solve problems directly. It is much more effective to take a solutions-based approach and aid a client in finding the answers themselves – which are already inside – through skill-building and offering a structure and format to follow.

Coaching is a safe space to ‘be’ and is ‘YOU’ time for clients to stop, reassess their focus and purpose, achieve clarity and renewed motivation, and resolve issues so they can achieve optimal personal growth.


Sooo…. What is Personal Mastery then?

Personal mastery is living in a state where you are guided by principles such as purpose, vision and values. You truly know yourself – your authentic self – and aren’t afraid to let it shine. It is intimately knowing your own strengths, motivators, stressors, core needs and energy. You see life from a different viewpoint and are open to the numerous positive opportunities presented each day. You have control of your emotions and respond to life and you are the best version of yourself to facilitate being pulled towards achieving your goals for your business and life.

Read my blog here for a more in-depth understanding of Personal Mastery. 

My Goal

“Most of us live our lives by accident—we live as it happens. Fulfillment comes when we live our lives on purpose” Simon Sinek

My Goal is to help clients become the best version of themselves. To bridge the gap between their vision and present reality by becoming the architects of their own lives and living a fulfilling life – by design.

To HAVE what you want – who do you have to BE and what do you have to DO

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