One to One Coaching

Clarity & Focus 

1.5 hour session

Are you running around in circles trying to get ahead?

Are you a go –getter who just needs a bit of clarity and focus to get back on the right path?

Book in for a Clarity & Focus session where we work together to lay down your map – your blueprint –  to build the bridge, which will take you from your current reality to where you want to be.


  • Access a new viewpoint and your path forward
  • Identify your no one problem and eradicate it
  • Gain the knowledge of what your success blockers and mindset challenges are and have a plan to smash the

Mindset is everything!


Start being pulled towards your goals and notice the changes in just one session. Reframe your ‘story’ and which is holding you back and start moving forward immediately.

Using the powerful techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Matrix Therapies®, Time Line Therapy®, and Conscious Hypnosis access new options and get out of your own way to move towards being the best version of you and the momentum to where you want to be.

Get results fast.

Are you ready to take back control and enjoyment of your life and career?

 Book a 30 minute discovery call to discuss which program is ideal for you.

The best of YOU  

6, 9, or 12 Session Coaching Package

All coaching programs starts with Powerfully YOU profile, which is like 6 coaching sessions in one.

Results-focused coaching:The sessions are client-led to find clarity on goals and overcome the various success blockers that stand in your way in any area of your life.

  • Build confidence
  • Turn procrastination and overwhelm into action
  • Powerfully YOU profile
  • Anxiety/stress management
  • Rewrite your rule-book of life so that it supports you
  • Increase influence and improve communication with others
  • Clarity and then move forward into goal setting
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