A bit about Me...

I am Francinne O’Rourke, Personal Mastery Coach and creator of Have Be Do –by design, my signature hybrid coaching and online training program.

I’m a bit of an entrepreneur… working with entrepreneurs – I am passionate about developing people and small businesses to reach their potential and bring their ideas to life.”

I am dedicated to helping people to ‘get out of their own way’ to reach their potential. My energy and enthusiasm is contagious and is backed by solid skills in training, project management, goal-setting (and achieving) marketing, small business management and coaching.

I believe that to achieve what you want you just need to be the Best version of YOU!

I believe in..

FOCUS – Gaining clarity to be who you wish rather than wish what you might be

IMPACT – Impacting on life rather than life impacting on you

THRIVING – Life is too short to just survive it

PERSONAL GROWTH – Learning, growing and being the change you want to see in your world


 BEING – Smell the roses… celebrate your successes…make time for loved ones …be a human being rather than a human doing

FUN – Life is serious … but you don’t have to be

LIFESTYLE – Living life by design; stepping up, taking responsibility and being present. Not leaving the keys to your happiness in someone else’s pocket

A bit about me..

Born in England to Scottish (Irish) / Australian parents so I’m a Bits’a… Bits’a this n bits’a that. I was an ‘it’ for 23 days before my mother finally misspelled my name on my birth certificate.

A creator from early days – I even cut up my mother’s collection of designer jeans to turn into a handbag… then used (and broke) every conceivable fragile container in the house as I embarked on my second entrepreneurial venture as a candle maker (the first was sticking plastic  frogs on rocks and selling them!)

I have designed and redesigned my life a number of times as I have gone through my ‘seasons’ from social butterfly to the entrepreneur real estate agent, corporate bunny working for NFP’s, hospitality,  and in eduction, traveller-consultant, dive instructor, consultant, and renovator (which has spanned all my seasons).

As a Personal Mastery Coach I use my passion for living a purposeful life and broad experience to assist entrepreneurs and professional women who are struggling to accomplish what they want without sacrificing their soul.

I use my knowledge, experience and education in the areas of EDISC profiling, Mbit, NLP, Matrix Therapies, Timeline Therapies, Hypnosis and business to help my clients grow in the area of personal mastery.

I use my challenges and success as an Entrepreneur and corporate bunny struggling to introduce strategies and structure to my client’s ‘content’ to build a thriving, well-rounded and rewarding life.

What lights me up the most is to work with like-minded ambitious women who desire to make their dream life and career or business a reality. I feel strongest in the areas of life transformation – Moving from being externally focused, self-reliant and ultimately rejecting self to self-acceptance, and being supportive of self and growing through connection with self and others.

From a human doing to a human being…

# countries I have lived in

# days I was without a name

#days my son was without a name


% of family block of chocolate I can eat on my own!








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Address: Perth Western Australia

Phone: +61 0414 393 157

Instagram: orourkefrancinne

Facebook: Francinne O’Rourke

Facebook Group: The Balanced, Purposeful Entrepreneur


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