Circuit Breaker 2021 Early Bird


Break free from procrastination & the negative feedback loop  to start achieving!

Plan, diarise and become the person who  reaches their goals in 2021 

Dreams with a deadline, clarity, motivation, support & momentum – I’ve got  you covered

Starts 28 January 2021 – have your Goals set and start implementing for the New Year

🔥 5 Week Group Coaching – set aligned goals

🔥 Goals Genie – your personal assistant web tool – telling you precisely what to do every day

🔥 Support & Accountability – to stay motivated and implementing

If you are purchasing Circuit Breaker Just some of the Bonuses include the Wall-planner and Life by Design – Live Implementation – so please unselect those products in the shopping cart

Transform from procrastinating, stuck in the negative feedback circuit, feeling disappointed in yourself and your level of achievement to having, claritymotivation and a clear direction for your business and/or life in 2021 that makes you feel centred and ready for ACTION.
⚡ Designed to work with your brain and personality type so that your goals are aligned, powerful and life won’t get in the way


⚡Allows you to know, like, and trust yourself so that you can be powerfully YOU, leveraging your strengths and kicking procrastination to the curb
⚡Powerful Goals Genie Tool  - your personal assistant who simply automates your daily action plan so that you are clear and focused every day and  simply tick tasks off the list to achieve
A few important points

  1. This will be a small interactive group of ACTION TAKERS who want to be on track before Christmas
  2. Because of the limited spots, there is no big fancy sales video. I've got a short video which explains the program  👉 Circuit Breaker 2021 Video 👈
  3. Pricing is really low for this level of the program... but I just wanted to fill the remaining seats and get started. I have also heaped on the bonuses  for taking it for a spin with me and getting your powerful goals set before Christmas
  4. The Class is going to get rolling on 21 January, so registration won't be open for long

Circuit Breaker Registration page for more information


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