I’m Francinne O’Rourke

Powerfully YOU ADHD & Mindset Coach

I work with female NeuroSpicy (ADHD) high achievers who are sacrificing their soul for success in a neurotypical world.

Together we declutter your mind and your world, flip your mindset to reignite your vibrancy and transform your rule-book for life so that it works for you and with your unique brain wiring.

Ready to go from frazzled to focused and on fire?

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Wheel of Life

Are you Living Your Best NeuroSpicy Life?

Together let’s transform your ‘Rule-book for life’ that is keeping you stuck into your own ‘Spicy Play-book’ that leverages and celebrates the true Powerful YOU!

Then let’s  G.S.D (Get Sh*t done) – sustainably!

I believe every person’s life is an unfolding story written by oursleves and like finding a lost chapter that suddenly makes the whole story clearer, my mid-life ADHD diagnosis reshaped my narrative.

As a Master Coach with a love of learning I threw myself into ADHD-specific coach training programs to understand my own ADHD brain at a deeper level. What I discovered was that my perceived ‘flaws’ which no amount of pure life-coaching could get under control was in fact simply ADHD… 

Adopting the ADHD Lens I was able to quickly turn the final remnants of my neurotypical Rule-book for life into my own unique Spicy Play-book– living my best NeuroSpicy life – Focused and on fire!

I am on a mission to help other women to flip the script on overwhelm, boredom and burnout. Say goodbye to chaos and imposter syndrome and hello to a life of clarity and focus filled with vibrance, vitality, and a dash of spice.

So… Are you living your best NeuroSpicy life?

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ADHD Coaching

 Group and Tailored Coaching Solutions

Transform your relationship with your ADHD to harness its power. Working together one-to-one, or in Group Coaching sessions we’ll uncover and leverage your strengths, flip your mindset, find your focus, clear what is blocking you, and develop the personalised systems, support and accountability to create sustainable habits and lifestyle that puts colour and vibrance back in your world.

Courses & Programs

Small Steps Big Results

Working from the comfort of your own home, in your timeframe. Short high-impact DIY courses and hybrid Accountability Programs that provide you with simple step by step processes that will free you from your gremlin mini-me sabotaging your efforts, procrasta-doing and guide you to live life by your design as the best version of you – with clarity, focus & purpose.

Edisc Personality & Strengths Profile

It’s Like 6 Coaching Sessions in One!

‘Get to truly know, like and trust yourself – Understand what makes you tick – what is you and what is your ADHD

Clear the mental clutter, and understand your current ‘Rules for Life’ that are keeping you stuck.

Uncover your Strengths and you have all the tools  to start building a new ‘playbook for life’.


Outstanding program with amazing support. I love working with Francinne...she manages ro bring the issues into clear focus and give me easy steps to move myself to the next level. I have achieved so much in such a short time. I highly recommend these programs.

– Sarah Tebbutt

SOLID GOLD! Is the best way i can describe Francinne. Her passion, knowledge, enthusiasm and coaching strengths are undeniable. From a relaxed group conversation she was able to see the gold in me that i wasn't seeing in myself! After 1:1 coaching sessions with her it has been the catalyst for my business and branding. My mind is blown and i'm so excited to continue my business journey together to grow and to not only best serve my clients but partner with her as a fellow coach to serve others. Thank you Francinne!

– Lorrie Nadene

"Francinne is an amazing coach. She puts you immediately at ease with her bubbly personality. She asks really insightful questions, which leads to many aha moments. She really makes you dig deep. I would give her a 5 star rating."

– Pat Forslind

"Francinne coaches like she is her own brand of coffee: strong, straight to the point and gets the job done."

– Penny

"Francinne is an incredibly passionate, vibrant and committed coach. We worked together in depth for 6 months and during this time I was amazed by how selflessly she gave herself, to help me achieve my goals. I knew what I needed to achieve but because I was so emotionally involved, I couldn’t see a pathway."

– Penny Harker

I am so grateful I was able to have Francinne as a trainer. Francinne’s energy is contagious, she is funny and patient when answering questions. I found the content so easy to follow and was able to stay focused due to her style of coaching. Thank you Francinne for going above and beyond, you are an inspiring person, coach and presenter and I feel so empowered with knowledge and confidence!

– Cayce Anderson

The energy and knowledge was incredible to experience in the coach training I had with Francinne! I would highly recommend, you can tell she cares because of the time she took to personally help and support me in my own journey.

– Mikealy Vitale

An amazing weekend of learning !!! Five stars definitely Francinne delivered an amazing course ! I’ve walked away feeling like a new and improved person , plus I feel confident enough to start putting myself out there ! And I already have! Francinnes energy throughout and her manner of delivery was awesome ! Everything was easy to understand and relatable. So many ah ha moments. And gems 💎 she freely gives of herself and her passion shines through everything she says. I walked in with quite a bit of self doubt and walked out ready to just do this 🙌 and I have !

– Meg Hough

"I came to Francinne with a dream albeit no concept of how to make it come true. Thankfully she did! Francinne worked with me to develop a plan to initiate my business concept. Incorporated in this plan were ideas I had not even considered that turned out to be crucial in setting up a new business."

– Chelsea Angel

Francinne oozes passion, enthusiasm & zest for life, it's contagious & exactly what I have needed to move me forward. The online courses which I have completed have been gold, so many beautiful nuggets to take away with me & implement into my personal life & business. Your courses, group sessions & 1:1 sessions have been fabulous, I love the accountability & weekly reminders. Your knowledge & professionalism all round is absolutely amazing! As a fellow coach & entrepreneur, you are most definitely a mentor I will follow going forward.

– Jacqueline von Horsten

"Francinne’s vivacious spirit and infectious energy has both inspired and supported me in my personal growth and business goals over the past year. Francinne has a big heart and comes from a place of authenticity and I really admire that about her."

– Julie Cawston

'Francinne has an exquisite ability to ask the right questions – Clever, insightful and intuitive ones, to get you thinking, to inspire, motivate and drive you. Amazingly, within our very first session, she helped me find ‘my why!’ One simple question, enabled me to tap into a part of me which I hadn’t before and within minutes, I teared up, because I knew I had found the answer – I had found ‘my why!’'

– Sami Craven

Francinne has the most beautiful energy, she's the loveliest person you'll meet and is so easy to talk to. She helped me take my business from an off-line business to an online business. Thank you so much Francinne for all your input and expertise and belief in me getting this done!. I couldn't have done it without you!

– Lara Orlando

I have found Francinne's course to be very helpful in creating clarity to move forward. I have been able to declutter my mind and see some patterns in behaviour that needed working on. Being listened too from my perspective was also a unique experience and helped me jump forward in leaps and bounds. Loved the course, though it was very challenging at times. Thanks to Francinne and her helpers.

– Michelle Finlay

Absolutely priceless...Francinne is such an amazing women and I cant recommend her enough. She knows exactly what to ask and what to focus on to identify blocks and issues in the quickest time and provides effective and easy to implement solutions to create the changes needed to live your best life.

– Rebecca Watson

Francinne has so much insight, experience and knowledge, and she generously shares that as she guides you through the process. She knows how to bring out the best in you. She's very open, honest, and truly authentic. Highly recommended. Thank you Francinne

– Alison Moraghan Vidotto

Francinne is amazing and her programmes are fantastic. Her support is100 percent and she always supports her students. Her courses are second To none. She takes you from Where you are and moves with you. She is so encouraging. I love her program so much.

– Heather Stewart Te Amo

Every now and then you come across a very skilful and passionate Coach who will give you everything they have for you to get results in an area of life that is important to you. I organised a breakthrough session with Francinne because I was stuck with the online implementation of my programme. I find the whole online "thing" confusing and overwhelming. in one session Francinne empowered me to get much needed clarity with the online strategy for my programmes and most importantly helped me deal with the overwhelm that kept me stuck and not moving forward an offering my programmes. Francinne thank you for listening and addressing exactly what my issues were. You have rare and invaluable coaching skills that can empower any client.

– Celina Tonkin

Yes Francinne coaching is all genuine and her support is amazing in getting you out of your rut.Am grateful in making the decision with doing her 12 week program it’s awakened the woman I am so post to Be, Do and Have. Recommend Francinne coaching, Just Say Yes.

– Charlotte Nisa

I was recommended to Francinne by a friend who encouraged me to jump on board her free Goal Getter Challenge. I never realised there was an art to setting goals, and achieving them. I loved the challenge, and Francinne's bubbly nature. And I loved that I was able to confidently set goals and plan them out, to ensure success. Thanks Francinne 😀

– Angela Proud

Francinne is one of those special people who never seem to leave you completely. After my sessions with Francinne I gained clarity, confidence & had an ability to move forward with gusto! With her direct-with-just-the-right-amount-of-fun approach, I highly recommend Francinne for anybody who’s serious about getting results & having some fun along the way! 5 stars

– Rhiannon Bush

It is wonderful to be in contact with someone that follows up and creates so many possibilities. She turns lemons into lemonade. Thank you for the support and knowing when is the right ttime to be in touch.

– Kylie-Ann Kobelt

Francinne has provided me with the right tools, mindset and support that I needed. Thanks to her I started seeing and believing that what I wanted to create in my business, is possible and ever since I’m having momentum (yay). She’s an amazing lady with a transparent and honest approach who’s so generous with all her knowledge and experience so you can move forward towards your goal! Highly recommend working with her!

– Caroline De Kimpe


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