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Francinne coaches like she is her own brand of coffee: strong, straight to the point and gets the job done.

Successfully self employed for 18 years | Solo Parent | Soul Walker

Francinne’s vivacious spirit and infectious energy have both inspired and supported me in my personal growth and business goals over the past year. Francinne has a big heart and comes from a place of authenticity and I really admire that about her.

Julie Cawston

Artist and Transitional Coach

Francinne is an amazing coach. She puts you immediately at ease with her bubbly personality. She asks really insightful questions, which leads to many aha moments. She really makes you dig deep. I would give her a 5 star rating.

Pat Forslind

Forslind Consulting

Francinne is an incredibly passionate, vibrant and committed coach. We worked together in depth for 6 months and during this time I was amazed by how selflessly she gave herself, to help me achieve my goals. I knew what I needed to achieve but because I was so emotionally involved, I couldn’t see a pathway. Everything was clouded by my past experiences, insecurities and fears.

Francinne worked with me to address these. She is a very honest person and did not hesitate to tell me when I wasn’t seeing things clearly, or if I was making excuses. She guided me to make good decisions, very simple things but at the time they seemed impossible to me. After 6 months, I was a different person. Far more confident, a stronger sense of self and achieving my goals.

It is not a stretch to say that Francinne’s coaching changed the direction of the course of my life. A lot of the things I have today, both mentally, spiritually and physically, I would not have if it were not for working with her.

Chelsea Angel

Specialist Medical Audio Typist, Chelsea’s Audio Type

I came to Francinne with a dream albeit with no concept of how to make it come true. Thankfully she did!

Francinne worked with me to develop a plan to initiate my business concept.

Incorporated in this plan were ideas I had not even considered that turned out to be crucial in setting up a new business.

One particular part of the process included an in-depth Personality Assessment to identify my strengths and weaknesses – this proved to be invaluable in harnessing where to dedicate my skills and ideas when marketing.

Another particularly helpful strategy was the facilitating of a check-list of the order in which to do things when it comes to setting up a new small business – details of which I was unaware.

I doubt that without the guidance, patience, knowledge and unwavering encouragement of Francinne my business would not be where it is today – thriving and expanding daily!

Chelsea Angel

Specialist Medical Audio Typist, Chelsea’s Audio Type

Since beginning the coaching work with Francinne I have a new-found awareness which has given me so much freedom in my everyday life.

The positive changes I have made as a result of the learning and clarification of my thought processes and behaviour have been incredible.

I have a newfound sense of confidence and self-worth that I will be forever grateful for.

Thanks Francinne I felt totally safe and listen to throughout the whole process.

Sami Craven

Director & Copywriter , Craven Content

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